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Gypsy Hill Tattoo and Piercing Gallery



350 5th Ave

New York, New York 10118


1 (800) 123 - 1234

1 (800) 123 - 4567

About our Tattooers

Our tattooers believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, we are appointment only. We do take same day appointments when possible however so feel free to call and see what we have available. 

We are dedicated to your safety, consent, and satisfaction. With every piece of artwork you will receive:

detailed healing instructions tailored to your needs. A sterile bandage. and an Vegan or Organic aftercare balm.

We hope to help you with your next piece, Please enjoy some of our work below.

Meet our Tattoo Artists.

We all have our own styles. See if one of us is right for you.



Kimberly has been in the industry since 2009. She started this studio to be a home and sanctuary for tattooers like her who love to travel and want to be involved in something a little more than just working in a shop. From Conventions to guest spots, and working with some amazing people in the industry. Kimberly has loads of knowledge and experience to share with you.

Jeff B

Head Artist

Jeff is a North Carolina Native. He has spent most of his life around the triangle and is happy to be here. He is a family guy and is settled in for the long haul. Jeff loves traditional Flash art, as well as custom drawn tattoos as well. He is all about solid lines and a look that will last. Jeff is all about the old customs and ways and brings all of that culture to share with us. 

John Smith

Resident Gypsy

Sam Castro is our Resident, traveling artist. She will be in and out of the studio, as she has a wanderlust that extends through the world. She has done conventions and guest spots in multiple countries and is happy to share it all with you. She brings her own unique style to us, and tons of knowledge to share. She is appointment only and has her own site.


Young Buck

Tyler is one of our youngest members. Technically still an apprentice, Under Kimberly, he is here for all of your smaller walk in needs. He has been in the industry just less than 2 years, but dont let that fool you. Check his work out and see what he has to offer. Tyler is available every day for same day appointments. He is doing hand sized and smaller designs.


Littlest Gypsy

Stephanie is also an apprentice, but this little lady has only begun her journey. Wait and see what she will be bringing to the table in just a matter of time :)



Alli is our Youngest on skin apprentice. She is Tattooing under the watchful eye of Jeff. Her time in the industry isn't as important ans her dedication to it. Alli is doing only pre-approved designs for a discounted rate currently. BUT BOY SHE CAN PAINT. She is also available for watercolor commissions. Keep watch for her available designs in the future.

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