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Gypsy Hill Tattoo and Piercing Gallery

We will be REBRANDING in the next year. We will be dropping the Gypsy name due to its sordid and sometimes disrespectful meaning. We will have the Same Staff, Same Owner, but will be going by the name: Golden Falcon. Look for changes and new artwork, tshirts, and events to christen the change.

Dedicated to Bringing every Client a safe and comfortable experience, with a piece that exceeds their expectations...​

We are here for our clients and our planet. We are dedicated to being a safe space for all Classes, Creeds and colors. We encourage you to let us know if there is something we can do better or differently if you see one. 

We may not be the cheapest studio around but there is a reason for that. 

We use only the highest quality, safe, materials in both our tattoo and piercing procedures. 

We are also dedicated to being environmentally friendly. We use all Biodegradable materials, and organic sustainable aftercare products where possible. 

Click Here to book a Piercing:

Click Here to see Piercing Booking options

High Quality Professional Piercing

Our Piercer has over 15 years of experience and is here to help you. His main concerns are: Consent, Comfort, Placement, Quality, and Care. 

Our Piercings are done with only Implant grade Titanium, or 14k Solid gold.

Aftercare included with the piercing.

Check out his work here

Tattooing Experience in all styles

We have multiple tattoo artists with many different talents. From Traditional to realism and anything in between, we are here for you. We pride ourselves in finding new education and better quality supplies and equipment. Including Biodegradable disposables, and organic aftercare products. Give us a visit to see what we have to offer.

Click Here to see our work

If you want in fast, small or simple piece, with no preference on artist click here.

This applies to smaller simpler tattoos that can be done in less than an hour or two, around palm sized and smaller, or script tattoos. Things that do not take time or allot of  research to draw. this form will be forwarded to the first available artist, this could happen same day, or up to a few weeks later. We can not guarantee a time frame however if its small this is the easiest way to get in.

Walk in Tattoo form

Winmore Business Plaza

We are located in a little plaza tucked inside a cute little suburban neighborhood. We are appointment only and only allow one Client Per artist. No Visitors

If you have any questions feel free to send us a message.

Contact Us

If you have any issues in the studio and feel the need to say something,  Your privacy is important to us.  Please contact the owner directly here: [email protected]