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919 903 7722

Gypsy Hill Tattoo and Piercing Gallery

CORONA VIRUS PRECAUTIONS: We are now taking appointments for both tattoos and piercings. Mask required, No symptoms of any illness. 

We are not allowing visitors with any clients at this time 

(with the acception of 1 legal guardian with each minor piercing)

No oral tattooing or piercing at this time.

Click here to set up Your Tattoo or Piercing appointment Today!

Gypsy Hill is a studio dedicated to its clients as well as the environment. 

Our  Tattoo aftercare options are either vegan or organic, and we use mostly biodegradable materials in our daily setups. 

Our Piercings also follow this same standard. We are not the cheapest studio, but there are reasons for that.

We also use only High quality hypoallergenic Titanium in our jewelry options, as well as solid 14k gold. We always ask for you to come in for a checkup during healing, and we will adjust sizes if needed.

We are here for all classes, sex's and colors. We have an artist for all of your needs, whether large or small, let us help you. And management is always here for you if you feel something is wrong.